Apple has teased the AirPower wireless charging mat which was shown in last year’s Apple iPhone X launch. It has been a while since we heard anything from the company, and all that we were left with is rumours from sources updating us on the progress of the mat. But it looks like we might not see the AirPower any time soon.

A leaker by the name of Sonny Dickson has some news for us on why we still have not seen the device. Based on several inside sources, they mentioned that the people working on the device have a feeling that the device might be doomed to failure unless significant advancement can be made. The major issue that the company is facing is that it produces too much heat. Others have reported that the device has a buggy inter-device communication, mainly with charging activation and charging speed. Due to these issues, Apple might shelve the project but Dickson has said that they might head back to the drawing board and it might have a different design than the device that was shown during Apple’s iPhone X launch.

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Apple might not release the AirPower Charging Mat due to engineering issues 1There is still a possibility that the AirPower might be unveiled before the end of the year but at this point, it seems highly unlikely due to the many issues that were mentioned.


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