If you are a Spotify music junkie, chances are you have probably download a whole lot of songs to fill up that ample storage on your devices, but what’s annoying is the limitation of only having a maximum 3333 songs per device on a maximum of three devices, once you reach the threshold, your songs on the earliest device will be removed and needs to be downloaded again.

Thankfully, that limit has gotten an increase to 10,000 songs and 5 devices, which might be good news to those wishing that they never have to stream songs using their precious data plan. While having 10,000 songs on a single device does sound pretty sufficient, the thing is that if you happen to download a song on a single device, that same song would be treated as an additional song if you download it on another device, which can easily fill up your library and once again hit that threshold.

In my case, I usually have around 1500 songs saved offline per device and I’m glad with the increase in device limits.