The wait for Proton’s new SUV is almost over, as the company has today unveiled the official name of the car to the media as the Proton X70, the name results from an online contest held by the company, which more than 89,800 total participants submitted entries and resulted in the X70 being the preferred name.

This is the first time that Proton is using an alphanumeric name system for its cars, and it will continue to do so for future car models, the company explains that the decision is done to make it easier to sell the X70 in ASEAN and other international markets as there will be no language barriers to overcome, the letter X is also synonymous with Crossover or SUV vehicles, while the 70 denotes the size and class of the SUV.

Proton officially names its SUV the X70, booking starts September 8th onwards 1As you may already know, the Proton X70 is manufactured based on the Geely Boyue and has been redesigned with a unique look made for Malaysians, Proton’s Head of Design Azlan Othman is once again tasked for the design and explained that the car is sculted with explosive energetic lines inspired by a muscular and agile feline form, just like the Malaysian Tiger, the headlamps and DRL are also designed to reflect that concept.

Proton officially names its SUV the X70, booking starts September 8th onwards 2On the car’s interior, the Proton X70 is set to match the standards of premium continental cars, as you will get Nappa leather seat upholstery, brushed aluminium accents and a touch screen infotainment system. A unique Malaysian design is also added on the speaker grilles and a Proton badge housed in the centre of the steering wheel.

While Proton did not mention any tech stuffs that will be available in the car, we could assume that the voice command feature that was demonstrated to Tun Dr Mahathir back in China could arrive in the final model.

Proton officially names its SUV the X70, booking starts September 8th onwards 3The first batch of Proton X70 will be CBU imported models, while local assembly will only happen some time next year, customers can begin to place their bookings starting September 8th onwards with a RM1000 deposit, Proton is also set to run a series of customer events spanning 7 Malaysian cities running from 19 September to 4 November to get a close look at the Proton X70.


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