The Apple Pencil has been a great device for iPad users to further extend the capabilities of the tablet. However, it does come with a high price point and it has a very odd method to charge the pen if you don’t have the adaptor. But that might not be an issue soon as there is another alternative to the Apple Pencil.

The Logitech Crayon was announced during the unveiling of the 2018 iPads and it is the first third-party stylus that Apple supports. However, the Crayon was only available to schools, but now you will be able to buy the Crayon directly from Logitech or from Apple for $69.99 (RM290.04). The device will only work with the 2018 iPads and the iPad Pro, it does not support other devices.

It is still unsure if the Logitech Crayon will work with the new iPads that are supposed to release next week, but they should announce if it will support the new tablets or not.

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