Nokia is developing a new phone that will incorporate five camera sensors on the back of the phone. The rumours and leaks have mentioned that they are opting for a rotational system that will rotate the sensors depending on the need. However, an image of the phone leaked in China and tells us more about the phone.

The leaker has said that the phone is the Nokia 9, but in previous reports, it mentioned that the phone will be called the Nokia 10. In the picture, we can see that the back houses two extra circles, one for the flash and the other is an IR focus module. It also looks like Nokia is working with Zeiss on developing these camera sensors, which comes as no surprise. So far, the highest any phone has gone with camera sensors on the back is three, and it started with the Huawei P20 Pro. It has proven to be rather effective in producing great shots but this new phone might just beat that.

Leaked images of the Nokia 9 shows its five rear cameras 1The phone is expected to launch in 2018 so we might not see this phone with the latest Qualcomm processor. Whether it will be called the Nokia 9 or Nokia 10 is still unknown, and the information and images should be taken with a gain of salt.

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