If you are someone that likes to watch YouTube videos just before bedtime, you will happy to know that YouTube is rolling out an update for their app that will enable Dark Mode. The mode was announced back in March and it was made available to iOS only, but it looks like its here now for both iOS and Android.

If you received the update, you should get the Try the new Dark Theme prompt the next time you launch the app. You don’t have to update the app to receive this as its a server-side update. Some users have said that when they cleared the data and cache for the app, the prompt appeared for them. Dark Theme does not have many changes to the original theme as they are just inverting the colours of black and white to make it easier for us to use the app in the dark.

YouTube is rolling out Dark Theme to Android users 2It might take a while before the feature comes to Malaysia just like with all updates, as we do not have the option enabled in our devices. It should be a matter of days before we start seeing this feature.

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