Bixby has gotten a little better on the Galaxy Note 9, but that doesn’t mean everyone loves it, and it gets worse when you tend to (accidentally) press the Bixby key when you just want to decrease your phone’s speaker volume. If you can’t find the disable Bixby key option on your Note 9, fret not, because this feature is coming later this month.

This comes from a reply tweet from Samsung Germany, where it claims that the disable Bixby button isn’t available until the end of the month. Unlike the Bixby key on the Galaxy S8, pressing it on the Galaxy Note 9 takes you directly to the new Bixby Voice interface instead of Bixby Home, hence the reason why the company needs to rework on that feature, and you probably shouldn’t expect it to let you remap the button to work with Google Assistant.

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While its good to know that the company is still taking note of the inconvenience, it tends to defeat the purpose of introducing its own voice assistant on its own products, but nonetheless let’s hope Samsung keeps improving Bixby till the day that we no longer need to disable that button.

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