Xiaomi has seen great success with their Mi Mix 2, a flagship phone with almost no bezels and a display that stretches all the way down the body of the phone. Last week, the company showed a render of the phone come with the Oppo Find X sliding mechanism that allows the company to avoid placing the front camera on the bottom bezel. Now, the company has another surprise with the Mi Mix 3.

Donovan Sung, Product Manager Director has shown another photo of the phone and it looks like it is running on a 5G network. He also said that the speed is more than 10x faster than 4G speeds, the photo also shows the phone being tested on various bands. However, the performance of the 5G network will vary depending on the network operators and some might not meet the speed that Sung has mentioned.

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The Mi Mix 3 is said to launch in October and if that is true, it will be the first phone that will come with 5G connectivity taking the lead from companies like Motorola, Huawei and LG.


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