A while back, Samsung has mentioned that they are in the process of releasing a foldable smartphone early 2019. It was supposed to be called the Samsung Galaxy X but recently, DJ Koh, CEO of Samsung’s Mobile Division has mentioned that we could see the phone release somewhere in November.

He did not confirm the name of the phone, but he did mention that the company is working on developing applications and features that will set it aside from other regular tablets when completely folded out. Koh has said that if the phone is folded out into a tablet but it works like any other tablet, there will be no reason to buy the product. Because of that, Samsung is doing their best to make it stand out from other tablets with the objective of making users understand why a foldable phone is made.

Samsung's CEO said they might introduce the first foldable smartphone in November 1It does make a lot of sense as people who travel around with a bag full of tech do not have issues slotting in a tablet into their bags along with a laptop. Giving the option to users to carry around a phone that doubles as a tablet could be a great idea, providing it can stand out from the other tablets.


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