If some of you are like me, you know the horrors of wearing a headphone while gaming. Your ears heat up and eventually, you will start feeling sharp pains where the earcups press into your ears. HP has come up with a solution to that by introducing headphones that cool down your ears when gaming.

The headphones are called the Omen Mineframe Headset and it uses thermoelectric magnets to cool your ears. It works by sending an electrical charge to create a Pelter Effect, an effect that absorbs or releases heat when passed through a junction between two materials. It gives you a cool feeling when you press the earcups to your head but they are powered via USB. Other than that, they also improved the design of the headphone by adding noise cancellation and breathable fabricĀ cups.

The headphones will be available in October and come with a price tag of $199. They did not mention if these headphones will be available all around the world, but we expect it should.


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