Video game streaming has recently boomed with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite growing in popularity you can expect that there will be more platforms that will open up to gamers that allows them to create live content. The next platform that is coming out and looks like it going to be the next big platform is Steam.

They recently unveiled their streaming platform to rival Twitch called Steam TV, the company also registered a domain called However, the site now is just a blank page but prior to this, they were streaming one of the Dota 2 group stages match, which we assume was a test for the new platform. Currently, Steam allows streaming on Steam Community Hubs, but with Steam TV, it centralized the streamer community on the platform. It also comes with features that we have seen on other streaming platforms like chats and emoticons, but it can also create groups for discussing streams with people on your friend list.

Many other media outlets have reached out to Steam to comment on this new platform but they have not replied. Looks like we would need to wait a little longer before we get more information on this.


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