With the government pushing ISPs to increase the value of their broadband plans, Unifi has offered up to 10 times the current speeds that users have. TIME also released a statement recently that they too are increasing the values of their plans and now Maxis has joined the party offering cheaper prices for their internet plans.

The plans that have been given value too is sadly, limited to the 30Mbps and 100Mbps plans where previously these plans come with a price of RM139 and RM299 respectively. With the new price revision, these plans have been reduced to RM89 for the 30Mbps and RM129 for the 100Mbps plans, effectively giving you an RM170 discount on the 100Mbps plan and RM50 discount for the 30Mbps. The 30Mbps will give you up to 30mbps for upload and download speeds, unlimited quota and pay per use voice call or add another RM10 per month for unlimited calls. The 100Mbps plan will give you download speeds of up to 100Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50Mbps. Other than that, it gives you unlimited quota and local voice calls.

Maxis has reduced the price of their 100Mbps and 30Mbps plans 1In their FAQ section, they did mention that they will be offering faster speeds like 300Mbps and 500Mbps when the infrastructure is ready. It rather disappointing that their speeds are not as competitive compare to the likes of Unifi and TIME, but let’s hope that they will revise this in the future.

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