It looks like Nvidia is all geared up to release their new workstation and consumer graphics cards. At the same time, it looks like they will be dropping the GTX name in favour of a new branding for these cards.

The company recently released a video teasing a new card and it also had subtle hints that gave us more information on what they are calling these cards as well as the launch location. A sharp-eyed Reddit user managed to catch the hints in the video and the user was nice enough to list down these hints and what they mean. The video showed gaming chat rooms with odd usernames which were part of the hints:

RoyTeX – RTX
Not_11 – Not 1100-series
Mac-20 and Eight-Tee – 2080

Lastly, there were coordinates in the video (50.968495, 7.014026) which points to a location in Cologne, where Nvidia will be hosting their GeForce Gaming Celebration even happening on 20 August 2018.

It looks like the company is dropping the GTX branding for RTX which points towards their new Ray Tracing technology which the company claims will change the visuals of games drastically. We will be covering the event as soon as it happens, so stay tuned.

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