Chromebooks have seen a slow adoption here in Malaysia. With its focus on education, companies are not giving a good enough reason for the average consumer to get one. Google is looking to change that as they might allow Windows 10 to run on these devices.

XDA Developers was digging through the source codes for Chromebooks and found Campfire, a module that will allow the device to dual-boot ChromeOS and Windows 10 on multiple devices. Don’tĀ jump out of your seats and get your self a Chromebook just yet, as manufacturers will still need to verify that their devices will support the dual-boot feature. Another issue is that the code comments mentioned that devices will need at leastĀ 40GB of internal storage and most devices come with 32GB. In addition to that, there are also indicators that you will simply need to use a simple command to activate the mode.

The ChromeOS biggest issue of adoption is the fact that it is still very limited to the Android ecosystem and for users that want more, they will still need to get a dedicated Windows laptop. With the ability to dual-boot, it might increase the adoption rate of future Chromebooks.