Sony Interactive Entertainment is proud to announce that they have achieved 500 million PlayStation hardware sales and they are celebrating the occasion by releasing a limited edition Bark Blue Translucent PlayStation 4 Pro which looks stunning.

The original PlayStation was launched in Japan on 3rd December 1994 and they moved on with the release of the extremely popular PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and finally the PS4 with the PS4 surpassing 81.2 million units as of 22 July 2018. The 500 Milion Limited Edition PS4 comes with a translucent Blue and the controller has the same theme as the console as well. In addition to that, they are also selling the Limited Edition controller separately in a limited quantity.

The Limited edition console will retail for RM2,149 and will launch on 24th August 2018, it comes with the console itself, one controller, PS Camera, verticle stand,  and a mono headset all with the Limited Edition theme design.