In the past, we used to consume information from books and from study matrials, our teachers hand out during class during our schooling days. Now, things have changed as schools all around the country have adopted the Internet in searching for answers or infomation to the problems faced.

Having a fast Internet is very important, however, the current service provider, YTL Communications is not performing their best and the goverment has called for a new tender next year. This comes under the 1BestariNet project whcih connects over 10,000 goverment schools to the Internet. The ministry will be choosing the best proposal from the market players, and they are looking for the best price and speed, as it will be an open tender basis.

The Government is looking for a new ISP for its 1BestariNet Project 1Providing bad internet to the growing minds of our country is just a shame, YTL Communications should have taken the appropriate steps in ensuring that at least the stability and speed for these schools are not compromised, seeing as not only university students rely on the Internet, but school children as well.

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