Most of the information on the Pixel 3 has already been leaked, from its design to the specs that are rumoured to come with. The one information that is still unknown, is its release date which has been kept under wraps well until now.

This is Tech Today, a YouTube channel found a post on an advertising platform that was posted by Google where they were looking for content creators and influencers to cover the Pixel 3 launch, complete with the release date of the phone. The date stated is 4th October 2018 which seem to be the same date as the launch of the Pixel 1 and 2. We know that the phone will come with a rather large notch, bigger than most phones, as well as the latest specs like the Snapdragon 845 processor and maybe 4GB of RAM. However, the bigger focus is on the overall design of the phone as well as the camera quality, as the leaks indicate it will once again come with a single camera sensor on the back.

Pixel 3 might launch on 4th October based on a leak by Google 1Other than just launching the phone, Google is expected to announce a new Pixelbook, Pixel Buds, and the first Pixel Wear OS smartwatch. Wheather the phone will release on 4th October is still unknown as Google has not confirmed any dates.


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