With the arrival of 5G connectivity in the horizon and SoC makers creating 5G modems to use in mobile phones, but the issue here is that we would need to change our phones and get the phones that come with a 5G modem.

Motorola has aimed to ease the burden of moving over to 5G networks by introducing a Moto Mod that will bring 5G connectivity to the Moto Z3. The mod is said to release next year but no price was mentioned. This allows the company to release phones without the worry of being obsolete, as users of the phone will just need to slap on the 5G moto mod which will most probably be cheaper than buying a whole new phone. The phone will be officially released on 16 August but users will need to wait six months before they will experience the 5G connectivity.

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Motorola has mentioned that it will be more resource intensive to integrate the 5G modem into the phone rather than release a Moto Mod that will get the job done. It might sound like this is a cheap shot on getting people to buy the Mod, but looking at it from a different angle, some people might not be keen on buying a new phone just to experience 5G networks when 4G has been sufficient enough up till today.

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