With the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 releasing in just a few more weeks, more information about the phone is surfacing and this time it is about their desktop experience that started with their Galaxy S8 phones. To get the desktop experience from these phones, users will have to buy a DeX Pad as the bridge between the phone and display.

However, it looks like the Note 9 will not need a DeX Pad for the desktop experience as well as a mouse and keyboard. The desktop experience can be achieved by simply connecting the phone to a USB Type-C port and the other end connected to a display port on the computer. Sadly, doing this will not charge the phone or allow you to connect a mouse and keyboard unless they support Bluetooth.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not need the DeX Dock for desktop mode 1There will be a good chance that the Galaxy Note 9 will have a DeX Dock as a sperate accessory that you can purchase as the dock some with a cooling system that supposidely cools down the phone when its in desktop mode, as well as connect a mouse and keyboard via wire.

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