Over the years, the Windows platform has gone through many changes that made it reach the point where we could be considered on the same level as the smoothness of MacOS. However, the one issue that they somehow still managed to not change is the annoying software updates that happen when you least expect it.

To make software updates less of a nuisance, Microsoft is using the power of machine learning to decide when is the best time to perform a software update. We have seen before this that software updates for Windows can be performed while the user is still going about their daily task, eliminating the infuriating “Configuring Update” screen. This new method uses a predictive model that will study the user’s habits to decide when is the best time to perform an update. The model can go as far as predicting when you will not be using your computer, even to the point where it knows you are stepping away from your computer for a toilet break or to grab a snack.

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Microsoft is using machine learning to determine when is the best time for an update 1This feature is currently available to members of the Windows Insider program as it is still in a testing phase and will release to the public at a later time.

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