Most of you that use Google Docs know that the grammar checker is not the best out there, as it sometimes does not understand the context of your sentence and therefore, fixes your grammar with the wrong words. That is about to change because they are incorporating machine translation to Google Docs.

If the term, ‘machine translation’ sounds familiar to you, that’s because they are using the same technology in Google Translator. Instead of translation from, for example, Chinese to English, it translates broken grammar to grammatically correct words or sentences. How the new feature works is still unknown, but Google has been working with machine translation for a long time with the aim to achieve human-level accuracy. The technology is similar to another grammar checker called Grammarly which is a desktop and browser extension, who are also using AI to analyse sentences.

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Google is using machine translation as a grammar checker for Google Docs 1

Sadly, the grammar checker for Google Docs will not be available to everyone on launch, they are currently targeting business users for now and did not mention when they will release the full system to the public as well as which languages will be supported.

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8 months ago

INK is not great to check to spell-like Grammarly but the Grammarly set up cannot touch Content Performance Optimization.