The Honor View10 was released to rival the Mate 10 devices, it did not do so well when it came to its cameras, but everything else from responsiveness to performance is on par. A new update might help in its camera department and other rather useful features as well.

The update has been rolled out in India and brings about, Electronic Image Stabilization, call recording, thermal optimizations and Ride mode. EIS was added due to user feedback where they would like to see some form of stabilization, as the phone does not have OIS. Many users were disappointed with the shaky and blur images that were displayed especially when they were recording a video. The Honor 10 recent update also brought along EIS, a feature that should have come with the phone on release.

Honor View10 latest update enables EIS and thermal optimizations 1In the changelog, Honor stated there is a thermal optimization, but they did not go into detail on how this feature works, but one can assume it probably has something to do with optimizing the processor which can, in turn, produce less heat. Lastly, is Ride Mode which is mainly for users that ride bikes, giving them an easier interface to interact with.


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