After many years and different Windows operation system, Microsoft has finally updated the Notepad app in Windows with new features that make the app more intuitive for more advanced uses.

Two of the most noticeable changes is the ability to zoom in on text and the find and replace option has also be introduced, which will come with the Windows update codenamed, Redstone 5. The new features are already available to users that are part of the Windows Insiders in Build 17713 with a full release coming later this year. Other than that, it also has support for Unix, Linux and macOS line endings for those of you that want to do some modifications or test out some simple programs. It also has a line and column indicator at the bottom right of the app which can be turned off from the View menu. Lastly, performance when opening up large .txt files have also been improved and the Control + Backspace function can also be used in Notepad.

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If you are part of the Windows Insiders program, you can download the latest build and try out these new features. As for regular users, you will have to wait towards the end of the year to try out the new and improved Notepad app in Windows.


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