AmoryX, also know as Tech Armory Sdn Bhd is moving into the gaming laptop market with their first lineup of Commandos laptop called GLOCK with the objective of providing users with affordable laptops to fit the different needs of the gamer.

With the release of the GLOCK, ArmoryX intends to provide gamers with a reliable gaming laptop that is scalable to the users need. Customers will be able to choose the processor that will go into the laptop which can be upgraded in the future.

Other than that, customers can also choose the screen type ranging from 15.6-inch UHD to FHD IPS displays. The GLOCK comes with features like an Intel Core of your choice ranging from Pentium G5400, i3-8100, i5-8400, i5-8600 or i7-8700, Sound Blaster Cinema 5, desktop-grade performance, twin blade cooling and products backed by a 72 hours support where they will resolve your issue within 72 hours or less.

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Their prices are also very affordable, you could get the Pentium G5400m 8GB DDR4 RAM and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti model for only RM3085 with RM150 cash voucher or an Intel Core i7-8700 with the same RAM and graphics card for RM4450 with a free RM150 cash voucher.

Definitely find the time and check out the Commandos GLOCK laptops at Tech Armory which is located at Sunway GEO, Unit E1-1-7. If you are looking for laptops that you can be customized to your needs and budget, ArmoryX can definitely sort something out for you. Stay tuned for our review of their laptop soon.