UMW Toyota Motor today announced that they are carrying out a new brand direction and commitment in response to changing landscape surrounding its business and customers. At the same time, the company is refreshing their “All About the Drive” branding platform.

The platform is led by two promises, the first is to “excite the daily drivers” and the second is to deliver “prominence” through their services products and association with the brand. Other than that, they are also putting a focus on their new message, creatives and outreach to the younger generation via digital communication. Coming with their “All About the Drive” campaign, Toyota will be bringing back the Vios Challenge in Malaysia for the second season, and a new Promotional Class race will see celebrities like Janna Nick, Diana Danielle, Shawn Lee and Syukri Yahaya taking part in Season 2 again.

Other new and exciting things will be coming from Toyota, as they also have many other activities for the entire family as well.


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