The end of the year is not far off and with that, we can expect Samsung to release their last flagship phone of the year, the Galaxy Note 9. Based on rumours, this Note device could be their most exciting device to date, as it comes with a unique S Pen and a larger battery.

Now, more information surfaced on the upcoming Note devices as the colour codes for the S Pen has been leaked and if you know the Note devices, the colour of the S Pen will always match the colour of the device. SamMobile has revealed this colour code alongside the colours it corresponds.

  • EJ-PN960BBEGWW: Black
  • EJ-PN960BJEGWW: Gray
  • EJ-PN960BVEGWW: Violet / Purple
  • EJ-PN960BLEGWW: Blue
  • EJ-PN960BAEGWW: Brown
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This has also been confirmed by case makers who showed renders of the different coloured cases that will be available for the Note 9 and there is also rumours that there might be a special edition colour in the plan.

All of this aside, the rumour about the S Pen having Bluetooth capabilities have also been confirmed. The S Pen recently received its FCC certifications which means that the Pen will have some communication capabilities with the phone. The features are still unknown, so we will have to wait for the launch event to know what the S Pen can do.


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