Welcome to the first episode of Point and Shoot, a collaborative effort initiated by KLGadgetGuy between content creators to allow them to express their creative stories using smartphone cameras. In this first episode, we collaborated with Jiven Sekar from TheSaladShow, which we managed to have him use an iPhone 8 Plus to make a short video on his YouTube channel.

So what did traveling teach us? Obviously, most people like you and me would answer food, people and culture. But here’s the thing, whenever we are traveling abroad, we still tend to be who we are – Malaysians, we speak three types of languages in a sentence, missed certain food and some cultural events back home, which you don’t easily become a person of that nation. Don’t get surprised, many people in overseas still do not know where and what Malaysia is, and when you see a person like Jiven, who is of Chinese-Indian ethnicity, you may easily jump to the conclusion that he is from India, which in fact he is a Malaysian in every way.

Jiven Sekar from The Salad Show. Image Credit: TheSaladShow Facebook Page

To achieve the shots in the video, Jiven used certain apps and features on the iPhone 8 Plus that complements the camera capabilities, one example is using the iPhone 8 Plus’ Portrait mode to capture people featured in the video, the narration is also recorded using the iPhone 8 Plus’ built-in microphone. Here are a few things that Jiven has to say when questioned his experience on using the iPhone 8 Plus.

What inspired you to shoot this video on the iPhone 8 Plus?

Just the idea of creating a content. A lot of people think you need a DSLR to make good content and I get a lot of people asking me how do I to it.

Did you use any additional hardware to achieve certain shots?

Most of the shots were taken with in camera iPhone app. Surprisingly it was steady and it had it’s clarity in telling the story the way I wanted it. For the Hyperlapse and Time-lapse shots I used the DJI app with the Osmo Mobile. Some of the shots, I used FilMiC Pro.

What are your thoughts about using smartphones to shoot a video?

It’s really convenient if a smartphone is able to deliver great image and sound recording quality, because you can easily shoot Vlogs (video blogs) on it.

Which feature do you enjoy the most when it comes to the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera?

Portrait Mode. Thats absolutely amazing. It was actually taking better than the DSLR.

What do you hate about the iPhone 8 Plus’ camera?

The slow mo is not in 4K. Aww man if it was it would be amazing. But hey even the big guys don’t have it but a man can dream. Also, I really hope they can increase the resolution of the front camera.

Name one videography feature that you would love to have on a smartphone camera.

I would love for it to have an option where you can switch the colour profiles or give me Apple ProRes422 file. It would be amazing.

Would you recommend smartphone videography?

Absolutely, especially if you don’t want to lug around a huge DSLR along when you just want to do some certain shots at an event or a traveling trip, I would say that smartphone cameras are very close to substituting them (cameras) at times.

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