A few weeks back, the Telecommunications Minister of Malaysia announced that the prices of broadband will be reduced by 25%, which would really help many Malaysians access faster and better Internet speeds. Today, TM announced that they will be releasing a new package on 15 July that will see 30Mbps speeds offered below RM100.

The exact value has not been determined but it is already a huge difference from its original price of RM179, a 40% reduction in price. The plan was created with the B40 household classification in mind, as it is targeted to the middle-class citizens. Other than that, they also announced the fastest internet speed they have ever offered, calling it Unifi Turbo. Unifi Turbo is said to offer speeds up to two times the amount that is currently being offered and will be priced at RM199 a month. TM claims that the speed will be the fastest in South East Asia but sadly, they did not mention the exact speed of the plan.

Image Source: Amanz

Upgrade plans will be offered to all Streamyx users and they also said they are bringing back the Unlimited Unifi Mobile plan. More information will be shared by TM on 12 July.


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