You know gaming is becoming huge when a massive company like Google is setting its sights on the industry. The search giant’s plans of launching a gaming-themed streaming service which they discussed with game development studios back in E3 2018.

Google is not only getting developers on board with this new service, Codename Yeti, they are also acquiring¬†studios to work solely on this platform. This is not their first try at gaming, as they used to own Niantic, the AR game studio that developed Ingress and Pokemon Go. They set their sights on Owlchemy Labs, best known for games like Job Simulator, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and their upcoming game, Vacation Simulator. Yeti will allow gamers to simply stream games to their PC or mobile device, similar to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service which is in beta for Windows an MacOS.

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The report also mentioned that the company is working on some sort of hardware for this service but it is still unknown if the device will just act as a medium to connect the streaming services to your system or it will be a full-fledged computing device.


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