It would seem that Intel has a new competitor other than AMD, as reports have emerged that Qualcomm is working on the Snapdragon 1000 processor for a more powerful Windows 10 devices. Latest reports also indicate that Qualcomm has a test bench running the Snapdragon 1000 processor, alongside 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage, Gigabit WiFI and a power management chip.

The report also states that the new Snapdragon processor draws 12 watts of power. Comparing that to the latest U-series chips which draw a maximum power of 15 watts which already makes it better than the Atom and Celeron chips. However, it is the biggest chip that the company will produce but will be smaller than Intel’s 15-watt chips. Whats even more interesting is that the Snapdragon 1000 chip is socketed like any other computer processor, based on the test bench. This could mean that if you buy a Snapdragon desktop, you might have the option to swap out the chip for a better processor in the future.

Snapdragon 1000 processor is made to rival the Intel U and Y series 1It is rather intriguing as Qualcomm have always created chips that are soldered on to the main board. Giving the option to users to swap processors could mean that we might be seeing a new desktop processor maker in the future? Perhaps only time will tell where Qualcomm is going to take this technology.

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