Google Assistant has been updated with a new conversation feature that was shown during Google’s I/O event a few months back. The Continued Conversation is now live and changes the way you interact with your Assistant.

Continued Conversation has now rolled out to Assistant for users in the U.S. that own a Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max. The new setting will allow users to have a more human-like conversation with Assistant without the need of saying Hey Google, every time you want to give it a command. You will still need to say the initial OK Google or Hey Google, and Assistant will be listening to you for up to eight seconds without you saying anything. The feature can be found in Settings – Preferences – Continued Conversation.

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If you are worried about the speaker listing to you for eight seconds, the feature can be turn off. Google has also mentioned that they are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your Assistant device is not listing to you without saying the trigger word. There is no mentioned if this feature will come to Google Assistant on mobile devices, but seeing as Assistant works on the cloud, it should not be an issue to bring this feature to Android phones.