Previously, the only way to get a subsidized smartphone bundle from U Mobile is by signing up the unattractive Ultimate Device plans and that will change starting today, as the telco is finally offering devices to sign up for it’s Unlimited Hero P79 and P99 postpaid plans, these smartphones include the Galayx J4, OPPO F7, Huawei P20 and P20 Pro.

The best deal here is obviously the Galaxy J4, which comes free if you sign up for the flagship P99 plan, while U Mobile technically didn’t mention any contract tie ups, a termination within 24 months will cost you only the smartphone’s original price, and if you enjoyed the free advance payment upon signing up, you will only be required to pay the prorated advanced fee when terminating your service with the telco, which is actually pretty reasonable.

This offer is open to all new and existing U Mobile subscribers, and there will be an advance fee required upon signing up which will be rebated over 24 months, the advance fee will only be waived if you have signed up with auto debit payment. Find out more over at U Mobile.



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