Ever took a selfie and realized that you had your eyes closed? Well, Facebook is using AI to help you out with that problem by literally opening your eyes for you.

Two Facebook engineers are using machine learning to retouch eyes that are closed in a photo. They are using a method called Generative Adversarial Network which is trained for generating images and it has already created fake celebrities, changing the weather and designing clothing. However, the AI still needs to know how you look like with your eyes open before it can open them for you. The AI will record the eye shape and colour, with this information it will just fill in the eyes to make it look open. There are some flaws with the program, it has issues when manipulating faces that are wearing glasses, long fringes and faces with extream angles.

Although this AI was developed by two Facebook engineers, there is no confirmation if this software will be part of Facebook. Although, we dont see it as a problem if data privacy is an issue after all, Facebook probably already has more than enough of your photos to make this AI work on launch.


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