Boost has updated their e-wallet app with a whole lot of new features. They are introducing new key features that will allow users to give back to society.

One of the new features comes in the form of paying for parking. Users will not need to hunt for a parking ticket anymore as the app will allow you to pay for parking in most major streets around Klang Valley and users can also pay for utility bills with Telekom Malaysia, Astro and Syabas.

Boost introduces new key features to their e-wallet app 3Another key feature they have added is the ability to send Duit Raya to your loved ones and take part in their Duit Raya Challange. Not forgetting the World Cup fever, Boost also introduced the Boost Cup 2018. Users can watch play and win through the app, users can also guess the winner of each match and stand a chance to win RM90,000 cash prizes in their Boost Wallet.

Boost introduces new key features to their e-wallet app 4The Boost app is free to download on both iOS and Android, so if you fancy your self some cash download it and start guessing who is going to win the next football match.

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