Roku will be offering a new service that will allow users to signup for video streaming services and watch them on Roku devices without installing the apps. This service is offered through their marketplace and in the future, the company plans to add more services to their devices.

Currently, they offer services on HBO Now and CBS All Access, but they require their own dedicated apps. The marketplace will not only gather content from these video streaming services, they will also allow users to browse and signup for services that they want. It is a similar system to what Amazon’s Channels which is only available to Prime members, it is still unsure how Roku will go about with their version of the service.

Aside from that, reports indicate that they are developing a new version of their billing platform called Roku Pay. More information will be shared by Roku in the coming weeks, so for those of you that own a Roku device should keep an eye out for this new feature.


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