Voice commands are all the rage now and Mozilla wants to be apart of it. It would appear, the company is working on a browser that you would control with your voice. Codename Project Scout, it will allow users to control it with their voice and it will be able to read to users an article.

Just like all codenamed projects, Scout is still in its early stages and when Engadget reached out to them for more information, they said that they will discuss their efforts publically when it is further developed. The new web browser will be much easier to implement compared to creating a smart speaker and it would help users that are not tech savvy, and easy to grasp for an average person.

Mozilla is in the early stages of creating a voice-controlled browser 1Mozilla is a company that is very transparent with their work, FireFox has its source code out on the Internet for anyone to download and view. For those of you that are afraid to venture into the world of voice command/control, this will probably be the best stepping stone to bolster your trust in voice control.

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