The next generation of consoles is coming really soon. Sony PlayStation’s Head has hinted to us that we can expect a new PS console in 2021. However, Microsoft wants to beat them to it, and based on some details that surfaced, a new Xbox will be seen in 2020.

The New Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, comes from Brad Sams of Thurrott who has taken a look at a number of unannounced devices that Microsoft will release over the next few years. The upcoming 2020 Xbox will not be just one device, as Scarlett is a family of devices. You can expect to see multiple consoles or even accessories that are related to the Xbox. Specs wise, we already know that the Xbox One X is more powerful compared to the PS4 Pro, so it will be very interesting to see how Microsoft intends to step up the game again with their newer consoles.

All we can do now is wait and hope that the future Xbox console will have its own range of exclusives, something that the current Xbox console severely lacks.