Yesterday Epic Games announced that Fortnite will be coming to the Nintendo Switch as we assume, a free game. Now, there is more news about the game as it has been confirmed that the Switch version will support cross-play with Xbox One, iOS and PC, but not PS4.

This will probably not come as a surprise, as we have heard previously that Microsoft has been trying to get through to Sony to allow cross-play between the platforms. However, Sony has been adamant and believes that allowing this might raise some security issues like vulnerabilities on their platform. Gamers raged at this stating that Sony, as a massive company, is still worried about security issues when they could easily change the platform and fix this issues. Some gaming communities and Xbox One owners have even gone as far as stating that Sony intention of disabling cross-play is so they can kill off the Xbox One console, as cross-play might provide a boost the Xbox One desperately needs.

As a matter of fact, cross-play between both the consoles is already available. Case in point, Fortnite once allowed PS4 and Xbox One players to play together, stating it was an “accident”, but if you are as suspicious as I am, you would think that it was a message from Epic Games to Sony.


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