After long last, the Nintendo Switch will finally get video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube which was one of the features users requested at the start of the console lifespan. This information comes from a listing by BestBuy which shows these streaming apps as part of the Switch’s package.

A Redditor named DevCakes posted a screenshot on the Nintendo Switch subreddit which was taken from Best Buy’s listing. However, the listing has since been removed from their website as we assume that Nintendo wants to announce the availability of these streaming apps during their E3 conference. Some users are stating that this leak will affect the hype of Nintendo’s conference, but E3 is a place to announce game releases and upcoming games. So keep your eyes on their conference, as they have a whole lot of games to announce.

Nintendo’s E3 Conference will take place at 12 AM on 13 June 2018, the live stream should be easily found on YouTube.


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