God of War is getting new content, sadly, it is not an update to gain access to Asgard and the other two realms that are blocked off, it comes in the form of a New Game Plus. This information was confirmed by PlayStation Head, Shawn Layden.

He did not share more information on what the New Game Plus will offer players, but he assured that more news will come in the new couple of days. If you are a gamer, then you know a New Game Plus basically means that you keep your level, stats, items and play the game from the start. Some companies will even increase the difficulty and some add more content to the New Game Plus. We should assume something along the lines of that but then again, Sony might offer us a surprise and break out of the norm of a New Game Plus format.

God of War will receive a New Game Plus mode 1We really recommend that you play God of War, it is different from the previous games, but retains the essence of what made the God of War series great.

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