The holiday season is just around the corner and that means the city will be empty of traffic. However, on the highways and in other states, congestion will be present and citizens will be caught in our famous 8-hour traffic jams. Waze is taking the initiative on the best times to travel back during the holiday.

Waze has compiled the best times to travel around when you are back in your hometown. Waze has done this based on data that they have collected over the years and based on that, has determined the best times to travel around your hometown based on the date and time. Click on the areas above to see the best times to move around.

Waze has released a congestion report for the upcoming holiday season 1Other than that, they will release a new function to allow your loved ones to track your location on the highway or any other place for that matter. This function works the same as the Whatsapp live location feature. Where Whatsapp will only allow you to view the live location in the app, Waze will share a link to your loved ones and it can be viewed on a PC or phone.

Lastly, Waze has provided some extra information based on the most congested areas during the holidays. If users want to avoid congested areas, they should stay away from Malls as they tend to have an increase of traffic, while banks see no increase in congestions.

Waze has released a congestion report for the upcoming holiday season 2So if you have any banking to do, you will have a better time doing it during the festive season. The Waze app can be downloaded free from the App Store and Play Store.

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