If you have been using a Synology NAS, chances are you have already been using the company’s surveillance software to record video footage from your IP cameras, but let’s face it, you would probably find a IP camera to be less flexible when it comes to mobility, and wished you had a way to simply set up one at any corner of your home or workplace, this is where Synology’s LiveCam app comes to the picture, which is available for free on the App Store and Google Play, as long as you own a Synology NAS and have an active internet connection, it works flawlessly.

Synology LiveCam turns your smartphone camera into a fully functional IP camera 1Surveillance has been one of the important features of the company’s DSM operating system, and introducing this functionality is definitely a great value, as it saves trouble looking out for a compatible IP camera, users can literally use any smartphones with a camera to monitor their premises, needless to say smartphone camera sensors are also generally much better than IP cameras, depending on the video resolution and modes that the smartphone supports, it could record footage of up to 1080p at 30fps. On a side note, Surveillance Station has also been upgraded to support YouTube live streaming.

Synology will be releasing the LiveCam app some time this month, it will be compatible with all Synology NAS that runs the Surveillance Station package, just make sure you have a good phone camera to work with it.

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