At NVIDIA’s COMPUTEX press conference today, apart from learning the growth of the PC gaming market, NVIDIA President and CEO Jensen Huang covered the topic of autonomous learning and showed off the Jetson Xavier, which is going to be NVIDIA’s next big effort in powering autonomous robots and driving, the Jetson Xavier comprises of a Volta Tensor 8-Core GPU, dual NVDLA deep learning accelerators, an image processor, a video processor and a vision processor.

In terms of compute power, the Jetson Xavier is capable of managing over 30 trillion operations per second, which Jensen claims it to be even more powerful than a Titan Xp and a $10,000 workstation, while only requiring an impressively low 30W power output to operate properly. In the event, an impressive video demo of how the Xavier SoC is going to help improve the accuracy of autonomous driving and robotic operations were shown to the audience, which looks pretty convincing.

Developers interested in developing apps and robotics with the Jetsen Xavier can purchase the devkit starting August with a price tag of $1,299 (RM5,164).


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