When almost every PC component has gotten their respective RGB treatments, case maker Lian Li is taking RGB to a whole new level with a RGB Power Connector cable – Yes, the 24-Pin connector that powers your motherboard is getting RGB lighting treatment on its cables.

The Lian Li Strimer cable is a lighting module with an integrated PSU cable, which means that it will work with any power supply fitted into your PC, while the RGB lighting can be customized via an addressable header pin. Even without that, the Lian Li Strimer cable already has 10 built-in lighting options for you to choose from on its lighting module.

Since this is a rather peculiar RGB component, it’s no surprise that Lian Li has managed to snag a d&i award at COMPUTEX 2018. If you have already RGB-fied your rig, this RGB power connector would probably be a great compliment.

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