Qualcomm has been hard at work getting the Snapdragon 845 to run a Windows 10 laptop and based on demo units we have seen, it seems to work out pretty well for everyday usage minus hardcore gaming. However, recently there is a listed for a Snapdragon processor that is clocked higher than the 845 and indicators point to it being the 850 processor.

Based on Winfuture.de, they said the Snapdragon 850 is just a higher clocked 845 processor, similar to the 821 and 820 processors. Don’t expect to see the 850 processors in flagship phones, as this processor will be used in ARM Windows 10 devices. Other than just having higher clock speeds, it still comes with the same X20 modem and Gigabit LTE as the 845. Companies like HP, Lenovo and Asus are working on implementing the 850 processor in their future devices. All three companies have devices in the works and are looking at a Summer release.

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Qualcomm is releasing the Snapdragon 850 processor exclusively for Windows 10 ARM devices 1The summer release was the biggest indicator that they are developing Snapdragon 850 powered laptops, as some documentation are indicating that the 850 will see a summer announcement.


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