A week back, we wrote about the Lenovo Z5 phone that comes with almost no bezel and it does not have a notch. Based on the images that were teased, this could be the phone that managed a full body display, a feat that no other manufacturer has managed to achieve.

After all the teasing and rumours, Lenovo VP, Chang Cheng, has confirmed that the phone will see a June 5th launch in Bejing. The Z5 is said to be the successor of the ZUK series of phones will consist of the Z1, Z2 Pro, Z2 and Edge. The phone is not only a demonstration of Lenovo’s ability to produce a bezeless phones, the Z5 also acts as a tribute to the dedication of their fans and customers for supporting Lenovo this long.

Sadly, the image shared did not mention the specs, as it just provided the launch date and location. We will be seeing their unique battery which is said to last up to 45 days on standby and the phone will come with 4 technological breakthroughs and 18 patented technologies.


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