News on the Xiaomi Mi 8 has been all over the Internet and we know that it will come with the latest flagship specs and an under display fingerprint sensor. However, it would see that there is still a few things that we still did not know about the phone.

This time the leak comes from Qualcomm and its based on their page that states the phones that will support QuickCharge 4.0/4.0+ and you guessed it, the Mi 8 was on that list. The leaked image was found on Weibo. But if you were to go to the official Qualcomm website, the Mi 8 is not listed under the QuickCharge 4 list, which was last updated in May. This might not mean that the Mi 8 will not come with QC4.0/4.0+, as it is their Anniversary phone and it is assumed to come with all the bells and whistles.

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QC4.0+ is a small step up from QC4.0, as it reduces heat by 3 degrees, 15 percent faster charging and 30 percent more efficient charging.