Sorry iPhone users, it seems that Apple is not very happy about the Steam Link app on the Apple App Store. The Steam Link app allows you to stream your Steam games to your phone so you can enjoy your PC games anywhere as long as Steam is open on your desktop.

Apple approved the app on 7th May but on 10th May, Apple retracted their approval saying that the app is a business conflict with the app guidelines that were not realized by the original review team. Steam did send an appeal stating that i is just a LAN-based remote desktop app which is similar to the many other apps on the store the functions generally the same. However, Apple has put their foot down and still denied the app from appearing on the App Store.

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Steam Link can be downloaded on the Play Store and based on the few games I tested the app on, it works generally like a remote desktop app, as it allows you to not only use the app with your Steam client, it actually allows you to navigate your desktop and do other non-Steam related tasks. We are still not sure what the “business conflict” is but Steam is hopeful that Apple will reconsider the appeal in the future.