Robots are taking over! Well, in this case, its Microsoft’s new chatbot called Xiaoice. We have seen Google showing off Assistant making calls on your behalf and now, Microsoft has been testing this bot with millions of Chinese users and is ready to show it to the world.

At a Microsoft event in London, Microsoft showed the world, its conversational bot which you can converse over messaging services like WeChat, and if you are feeling lonely, it can even make a call to you so you can carry on your conversation with words. Unlike Google Assistant which is still under testing, Xiaoice has been used by many people in China and looks like its ready for a worldwide unveil.

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Other than just having a conversation, it is still unsure what are the future plans for their chatbot other than keeping lonely people company. The bot currently only works in China, but it pretty obvious that they have made plans to bring this chatbot to other countries perhaps in hopes it can be on the same playing field as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.