The Razer Core is getting an update and a new name, Razer Core X. The Core X is an external GPU enclosure that allows you to connect it to a Thunderbolt port on your laptop or desktop to boost the graphics capabilities of the device it is connected to.

Unlike the previous Core V2, the Core X is much cheaper, coming in at only $299, a $200 difference from the Core V2. It also comes with the ability to accept a 3-slot graphics card, unlike the 2-slot on the Core V2 and comes with a built-inĀ 650-watt power supply. However, there are some downsides to the Core X over the Core V2, the first being that it does not come with USB and Ethernet ports and there is no Razer Chroma lighting. The newest addition to the Core lineup is that both the Razer Cores(X and V2) now supports Macs that are running on AMD graphics chips that are no older than 2014.

This is definitely a better option for those of you that are always on the move and want the ability to carry around a super portable laptop and play games at the same time. Sure the Core X and V2 are not the smallest things to carry about, but it is a small sacrifice to make to be able to game anywhere at the best graphics quality.